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Boulder Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

Let a World-Class Pro Breathe New Life into Your Electrical System!

Breathe New Life into Your Electrical System with Prometheus Electric's Panel Change Out Solutions

Boost the Safety and Efficiency of Your Home’s Electrical System with Prometheus Electric’s Panel Change Out Solutions

Is your electrical panel struggling to keep up with the demands of modern life? Flickering lights, tripped breakers, and outdated functionality are not just inconvenient; they can pose potential safety hazards.

At Prometheus Electric, we offer a comprehensive range of residential panel change out services to ensure your electrical system runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently for years to come.

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Signs You Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Electric Panel

Your electrical panel is the hub of your property’s entire electrical system, sending power to every room and appliance. Over time, electrical panels can become outdated, damaged, or insufficient for modern needs. Knowing when to upgrade or replace your electric panel is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient home. Here are some key indicators that you might need electrical panel repair or replacement:
  • Outdated design (over 25-30 years old)
  • Rust and damage
  • Burning smell
  • Strange noises (crackling or buzzing)
  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Panel feels warm
  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Circuit breakers fail
  • Faulty wiring
  • Insufficient or inappropriate outlets
  • Low amperage
  • Scorch marks or black outlet holes
  • Increased energy costs
  • Upgraded appliances or systems
If any of the above sounds familiar, it’s time to consider electrical panel services from Prometheus Electric. We specialize in electrical panel change out, ensuring your home stays safe and powered efficiently.
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Advantages of Electrical Panel Replacement

Upgrading your electrical panel comes with a host of benefits that enhance the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your home’s electrical system. Here’s how you can benefit from an electrical panel replacement:

Increase Your Home’s Safety

Replacing an old or faulty electrical panel significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires and other hazards. Modern panels are designed to handle today’s electrical loads safely, protecting your home from potential dangers associated with outdated or damaged panels.

Obtain and Secure Efficient and Reliable Power

A new electrical panel ensures a steady and reliable flow of electricity to your home. This prevents issues like flickering lights, frequent breaker trips, and power outages. With a reliable electrical system, you can enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted power for all your appliances and devices.

Add Extra Circuits During Upgrade

Replacing your electrical panel gives you the opportunity to add extra circuits, which is particularly beneficial if you are planning home renovations or adding new appliances. This provides the capacity to support additional electrical demands without overloading your system, ensuring your home can handle future upgrades and expansions seamlessly.

By investing in electrical panel services from Prometheus Electric, you not only enhance your home’s safety and efficiency but also prepare it for future needs.

A Spectrum of Solutions for Your Panel Needs

Our certified electricians are experts in diagnosing and resolving electrical panel issues. We offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs:
  • Electrical Panel Repair: If minor repairs can restore your existing panel to optimal performance, we’ll expertly diagnose and fix the issue, saving you the cost of a full replacement.
  • Change Out Electrical Panel: Outdated equipment poses safety risks and limits your electrical capacity. We’ll seamlessly replace your old panel with a modern, high-capacity unit that meets your current and future needs.
  • Electrical Panel Service: Whether you’re adding appliances, renovating your space, or experiencing panel malfunctions, we offer expert panel service to diagnose issues, recommend solutions, and ensure flawless operation.
  • Residential Panel Change Out: Upgrade your home’s electrical heart with a safe, reliable, and efficient panel that can handle your evolving energy demands. (Our Primary Focus)
  • Commercial Panel Change Out: Ensure smooth power flow and protect your business with a robust and scalable commercial panel that meets code requirements and supports your operations. (We also service businesses!)

Why Choose Prometheus Electric for Your Residential Panel Change Out?

  • Unwavering Expertise: Our team boasts extensive experience in residential electrical work, ensuring flawless panel change out solutions for your home.
  • Safety First: We prioritize your safety above all else, adhering to strict protocols, using only the highest-quality materials, and keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Transparency and Trust: We believe in clear communication and upfront pricing. You’ll always know the scope of work and cost before we begin, with no hidden surprises.
  • Minimized Disruption: We understand the inconvenience of downtime. We work efficiently and diligently to minimize disruptions and get your electrical system back online quickly.
  • Dedicated to Your Satisfaction: From your initial consultation to post-service follow-up, our friendly and reliable team is here to address your concerns and ensure your complete satisfaction.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced electricians will assess your existing panel and recommend the most appropriate solution based on its age, condition, and your specific electrical needs.

We’ll help you identify the ideal panel size, amperage rating, and features based on your current and future electrical demands, budget, and desired safety certifications.

We strive to minimize downtime. Typically, power outages are limited to short periods while the new panel is connected and tested.

Absolutely! Contact us today for a free consultation and personalized quote. We’re here to help you navigate your panel change out with confidence and choose the perfect solution for your home or business.

The time required to replace an electrical panel typically ranges from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the installation and any additional work needed, such as upgrading wiring or adding circuits. Our team at Prometheus Electric ensures the job is done efficiently while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Signs of an overloaded electrical panel include frequently tripped breakers, flickering or dimming lights, and appliances that don’t run at full power. You might also notice that the panel feels warm to the touch or hear buzzing noises. If you experience any of these issues, it’s important to consult with a professional electrician.

Upgrading an electrical panel is a complex and potentially dangerous task that should only be performed by a licensed electrician. Attempting a DIY upgrade can result in serious injury, electrical fires, and damage to your home’s electrical system. Prometheus Electric’s certified electricians have the expertise to safely and efficiently handle your electrical panel upgrade.

Prometheus Electric installs a variety of high-quality electrical panels, including main panels, subpanels, and solar-ready panels. We work with leading manufacturers to ensure our customers receive reliable and efficient products that meet their specific needs and comply with local codes and regulations.

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